Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Review of Pet Magasin Premium Pet Travel Carrier Backpack

Review of
Pet Magasin Premium Pet Travel Carrier Backpack

Five out of five stars

 This is an amazing device, it allows you to carry a sturdy case for carrying your small pet as if it were a backpack. Then when needed as a pet travel carrier or confinement unit it can be placed down with the surface that would contact your back as the base and two side panels that can be unzipped and extended. Those panels are made of mesh to allow air flow and eye contact between human and pet.
 The shoulder straps are thick and well-padded for the comfort of the human when it is being used as a backpack and there is another handle to be used when it contains the pet being transported. There is a strap that goes around the waist for increased support. The top is also mesh to allow for air flow if the pet is in the pack while being carried as a backpack. There is also a mesh pouch on the back of the pack where water, food any other necessities can be stored.
 This is an unusual item, one of the most versatile items that I have ever seen. Although it is designed for pets, it could be used as a standard backpack, it is very comfortable to carry, can hold a significant load and the extra handle on the back allows it to be more easily moved around. It is a great product. 

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