Friday, November 10, 2017

Review of "Infinity Cube Fidget Toy For Kids And Adults"

Review of
Infinity Cube Fidget Toy For Kids And Adults
Five out of five stars
 The fact that this toy is advertised as being for children and adults, (the package states 3+ ages), tells you that this cube manipulation toy is not difficult. There are only a few possible orientations, so it is correct to label it a fidget toy rather than a challenging puzzle. It only takes a few seconds to step through all possible orientations of the cubes, so it is a distractor/calming agent.
 The age description on the package is probably a little young on the low end, although not by much. While I think that starting at four is more realistic, the three year old with higher level manipulative skills will be able to work with it.
 The patterns on the cubes form an images of star clusters with red and blue coloration. If you are looking for a manipulative that allows the user to repeat the operations many times, this one will work for you. It requires some concentration, but not enough to require intense focus. 

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