Sunday, November 19, 2017

Review of "Players’ Choice: Great Tales of the Gridiron," selected by four NFL players

Review of
Players’ Choice: Great Tales of the Gridiron, selected by four NFL players 

Four out of five stars
 The seven football stories in this collection were selected as their favorites by NFL players Dave Robinson, Howard Mudd, Gale Sayers and Charley Gogolak. Robinson was a linebacker, Howard Mudd an offensive lineman, Gale Sayers was a running back and Charley Gogolak was a placekicker. Therefore, most of the on field perspectives were considered.
 The book consists of short stories of adolescent sports fiction that are typical of such stories, there is a hero and a lesson. The lessons vary a bit, but there is always some form of hero. There is exciting action as the events  build to the big game with several aspects to the path that takes you to that point.
 This is a nice collection of easy to read and understand stories of boys playing football with passion and determination. Nothing terribly complex or hard to understand, they are written at a level that teens can easily read.

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