Friday, November 10, 2017

Review of "Age of Kill," DVD video

Review of
Age of Kill, DVD video

Two out of five stars
 This is a movie where the opening demonstrates that there will be significant absurdity in the plot. The main male character is instructing his daughter in the shooting of a sniper rifle, she is unsteady, you can see the barrel of the rifle moving as she sights. Of course, she then fires and achieves a perfect hit on the glass bottle target. However, the backdrop of the bottle breaking is that of a fancy stone building. Since a bottle would do nothing to slow the path of such a bullet, no one with gun experience would ever do such a thing.
 The front of the case has the caption, “6 Targets in 6 Hours or London Burns.” This is false, the main character is an assassin employed by the British Secret Service and his daughter has been kidnapped and threatened with death. The kidnapper orders the assassin to kill six people or his daughter will die. There is nothing about London burning if he fails.
 As the movie progresses, the viewer is exposed to other supporting characters that seem to serve very little purpose. There is a female inspector from Scotland Yard that is a strong personality, but the dialog she has with her male flunky partner is often forced and artificial. The best supporting character is the hot, high-end prostitute that is also being forced to commit acts against her will by the same man controlling the assassin. A London politician that is inciting hatred against Muslims is included, but you often wonder why he and his group are included.
 There is a method to the seemingly random people being executed, as is easily discerned early in the movie, it is a conspiracy within the government at the highest levels. With acting and dialog that is often artificial, this movie is good enough to watch but not good enough to watch twice.

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