Saturday, December 23, 2017

Review of "Tree Story: A Christmas Adventure," by Doug Kiburz

Review of
Tree Story: A Christmas Adventure, by Doug Kiburz ISBN 9781943650644

Five out of five stars
 The most impressive aspect of this book is the prose, the style is in four-line segments where the second and fourth lines rhyme. In many of the books for children that I have read where there is rhyming, the matching of the sounds often appears forced. Not so in this case, there is a consistent and pleasing flow to the lines.
 The story is a basic one, a pine seed falls out of a tree and lands in fertile soil, to sprout and grow into a tree. For years it was the home for a wide variety of forest animals until it was cut to be sold in a Christmas tree lot. It was the smallest tree in the lot and at the end, the only one left.
 When the owner of the lot overheard a family talking about not being able to afford a tree, he carries it over and puts it in their truck. This action makes their Christmas and when the holiday is over, the tree is eventually thrown into a pond where it provides a home for small marine creatures. Before this can happen, a seed from the tree is eaten by a bird, only to pass through the bird, land on fertile soil and develop into another tree.
 This is an excellent story for children that will sound smooth and flowing when read to them.

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