Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Review of "Test Your Logic: 50 Puzzles in Deductive Reasoning," by George Summers

Review of
Test Your Logic: 50 Puzzles in Deductive Reasoning, by George Summers ISBN 0486228770

Five out of five stars
 The best logic puzzles are those that can be solved with a little time and a simple matrix chart, but too difficult so that you can read and solve without significant thought. The puzzles in this collection are in that category. Some of the problems are alphametics, where the digits of an arithmetic problem are replaced by letters. Others are in the classic style of logic problems, of the form, “Four couples (Smith, Jones, Brown and Black) attend a dinner and Mrs. Smith sat next to, …”
 The puzzles are intellectual challenges, ideal for keeping the brain cells active and engaged. If you enjoy logic puzzles where you must read and carefully analyze, then this book is an inexpensive way to save brain cells. Solutions to each problem appear upside down on the same page as the problem.

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