Sunday, December 10, 2017

Review of Resveralife Advanced Durable Manicure-Pedicure Kit

Review of
Resveralife Advanced Durable Manicure-Pedicure Kit 

Five out of five stars
 The Resveralife Advanced Manicure Kit is a quality product for a great value.  It contains not just the materials to get started with a professional grade manicure, but refill supplies.  The clippers cut with precision, the buffers sand down the nail without injury to fingers or toes and the glass refining blade files down your nail easily.  I found myself using it while watching television at night, just filing away.  My job requires me to use my hands every day and I often catch a cracked nail at work which then tears.  This kit has helped me prevent injury and not be ashamed of my nails.  They look good!  This is a great gift idea, even for (especially for) people who use their hands at work.

Review written by Adriana Boettcher, edited by Charles Ashbacher

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