Monday, December 4, 2017

Review of "The Technology Book for Girls and Other Advanced Beings," by Trudee Romanek

Review of
The Technology Book for Girls and Other Advanced Beings, by Trudee Romanek ISBN 0439358728

Five out of five stars
 While it is obvious that the title is meant to be inclusive of the other gender in a humorous way, the age reference is incorrect. For adults can also learn a great deal about how basic, everyday technologies operate from this book.
 It opens with the application of infrared beams in television remotes, smoke detectors, automatic doors, the hand dryers and faucets and toilets that automatically work when needed. The next step is lasers that are used to scan barcodes on books, library cards, items in stores, on CDs and how they are used in medicine.
 The different types of touchscreens, fiber optics, what satellites are used for and some of the uses for radio waves are the last topics covered. The most interesting fact was about polar bears. The hair of a polar bear is in fact a collection of optical fibers. The hair is not white, but clear. The fibers conduct the sunlight down to the black skin of the bears, warming the bear against the frigid Arctic temperatures.
 Many of the devices that people in a modern industrial society use on a daily basis are explained in detail, yet at a level that the middle school teen can understand. This is a great book for people of all ages and genders with an interest in technology.

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