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Review of Summary of "The Rainbow Comes and Goes: A Mother and Son on Life, Love, and Loss" by Anderson Cooper and Gloria Vanderbilt

Review of

Summary of The Rainbow Comes and Goes: A Mother and Son on Life, Love, and Loss by Anderson Cooper and Gloria Vanderbilt 

Five out of five stars

 This summary gives the reader an extended look into the life of Gloria Vanderblt, a woman with a last name that is just as synonymous with money as Rockefeller. Born into money, it did her little good in the area of receiving love and affection as a child. There was a titanic custody battle over Vanderbilt as a child, like other legal events, the media billed it as “the trial of the century.”
 As Vanderbilt overtook the barrier of being ninety years of age, she began an extended correspondence with her son, CNN personality Anderson Cooper. The book being summarized is stated to be result of those email exchanges. However, the summary is more about the life of Gloria Vanderbilt rather than the contents of the messages.
 It is stated that Cooper and Vanderbilt demonstrate a great deal of candor in their exchanges, Cooper is referred to as sometimes appearing to be an armchair therapist. That seems reasonable, for Vanderbilt led a life of loss and is now facing the loss of her life. It is common for there to be a bit of a role reversal under those circumstances.
 While there is always a fundamental fascination with wealthy people, that is more so when the wealthy people experience success beyond what they inherited. As ghoulish as it sounds, their lives are made even more interesting when they experience personal tragedy, situations that both Vanderbilt and Cooper have shared.
 This summary makes the book appear to be very interesting, something that could easily make it on to my bucket list of “Gotta reads.” 

This book was made available for free for review purposes. 

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