Sunday, May 29, 2016

Review of "Lego Star Wars Mad Libs," concept created by Roger Price & Leonard Stern

Review of

Lego Star Wars Mad Libs, concept created by Roger Price & Leonard Stern ISBN 9780843170252

Five out of five stars

This is a great little workbook for young people that love the Star Wars movies. Each one of the projects takes up a single page and is based on a specific element from Star Wars. For example, there is one called “Building the Perfect Death Star.”
 The project is a short story with missing words that the reader is to fill in. The empty space is noted by an underlined gap with a hint as to the type of word that should be placed there. Hints include adjective, noun, number, plural noun and silly word.
 Working through the story gives the reader valuable exercise in the various types of word as well as how they are used to complete complex thoughts. All while having fun and revisiting scenes from the Star Wars sequence.

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