Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Review of "Getting to Green, Saving Nature: A Bipartisan Solution," by Frederic C. Ric

Review of

Getting to Green, Saving Nature: A Bipartisan Solution, by Frederic C. Rich ISBN 9780393292473

Five out of five stars

 The best phrase to describe this book is the one that the author uses, “Center Green.” Rich plots a middle course regarding environmentalism, having harsh words for both the climate change deniers on the right and the equally absolutist, yet diametrically opposed people in the left. In some sense, he comes down slightly more on the side of the left, but for a logical reason.
 His point is that if the left is wrong about the catastrophic consequences of climate change, then what happens on Earth will continue to progress but not be an existential threat. However, if the deniers are wrong, then there is the potential for human existence on Earth to be dramatically altered with billions at risk of death. At the very least, hundreds of millions of people will either move or die in place.
 Rich is an international corporate lawyer and this is the most reasoned, rational discussion of the development of solutions to the environmental problems. Rich is correct when he describes the failures of many of the environmental groups to accept partial success and praise those that achieve it. One of the repeated points is that when a corporation reduces their carbon footprint by a number such as 10%, they should be praised rather than be told, “What about the remaining 90%?”
Rich also expresses contempt for the more radical climate change deniers and how they have taken over the Republican Party. His opinion is that the strength of the Tea Party faction will rapidly fade, to be replaced by a more moderate Republican Party that is once more willing to return to the environmentally favorable positions of people like Theodore Roosevelt and Richard Nixon.
 At a time when most of the data about the changing climate is bad and frightening and the Republican Party chooses to ignore and dismiss, this is a powerful burst of fresh air. It is a positive message that raises hope, for the solutions are believable, and generally achievable. Both of the groups on the extremes should read the book and take the contents very seriously. 

This book was made available for free for review purposes.

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