Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Review of "Never Give In! The Challenging Words of Winston Churchill," selected by Dorothy Price and Dean Walley

Review of

Never Give In! The Challenging Words of Winston Churchill, selected by Dorothy Price and Dean Walley

Five out of five stars

In the long history of political figures, no one had more adventures and impact on the world as well as more words penned about and by himself and the world than Winston Churchill. Unlike so many of the political war hawks, Churchill was a member of the military and was in harm’s way in India, Sudan and Southern Africa. It is arguably the case that he was the only British leader in the years of the Second World War that could have led the British to their ultimate victory. Churchill was the author of many books and in 1953 he was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature.

 An inspiring and brilliant orator with a sarcastic wit that was difficult to equal, Churchill uttered many profound things as well as some that were rather quaint then and in retrospect. He was a product of the British imperial mentality, so much of his thought was based on an inherent superiority of the English-speaking people.

 This book contains many of his most famous statements used to warn and then rally his nation when it faced the existential menace of fascist Germany. He also was a leading voice in warning about the growing power of the Soviet Union as it was swallowing up the nations of Eastern Europe.

 This book is but a primer of the literary and political life of Winston Churchill, a man who knew how to write and deliver lines of power and influence.

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