Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Review of "Interlude With Interlandi," by Frank Interlandi


Review of

Interlude With Interlandi, by Frank Interlandi

Four out of five stars

 This collection of cartoons is meant to depict college life from the perspective of the faculty, staff and students. However, all of the characters are drawn as if they are professors emeriti. For example, there is a cartoon where a basketball game is about to start, and the referee is getting ready to execute the initial center jump. The players are all drawn with wrinkles on their necks and the facial expression of the sternest of aged professors.

 The situations are parodies of common events in the lives of college students and staff, so in nearly all cases they have worn well over time. The modern college student will understand and appreciate them. Although the humor is often subtle and may not be readily apparent to people that have no exposure to the college scene.

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