Saturday, August 8, 2020

Review of "Brother Juniper Strikes Again," Father Justin McCarthy

Review of

Brother Juniper Strikes Again, Father Justin McCarthy

Four out of five stars

 Humor related to a religious order is of a quite different form. Especially when it was constructed in 1961, a time when so many aspects of life were not allowed to appear in cartoons for public consumption. The author of these cartoons is an actual religious Father and the main character is a monk called Brother Juniper.

 Since the focus is on life in a male religious order, the only role played by females is as props. With very little room to humorously maneuver, the main character is depicted as a bit of a bumbler, which serves as the generator of the humor. He is short, wears a black robe while the other monks wear gray and is always doing something wrong.

 Not a blast of giggles by any means, this book is a demonstration of how humor can be wrung from almost all human situations, even the actions of monks in a religious order.

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