Saturday, August 3, 2019

Review of "Who Would Win? Komodo Dragon vs. King Cobra," by Jerry Pallotta

Review of

Who Would Win? Komodo Dragon vs. King Cobra, by Jerry Pallotta ISBN 9780545301718

Five out of five stars

 This is a very educational and entertaining book of science. The Komodo Dragon and King Cobra are two of the most dangerous reptiles on Earth. The Komodo Dragon can weigh as much as 300 pounds and has serrated teeth that are venomous and rip flesh like a saw. The King Cobra can inject enough venom to kill an elephant, much more than needed to kill a Komodo Dragon, since the effectiveness is largely based on body weight.

 The proper descriptive backgrounds of both creatures are put forward, explaining their physical characteristics and how they capture and kill their prey. In answering the question in the title, the real issues regarding the hypothetical confrontation are due to the potential for one to surprise the other and whether the skin of the Komodo Dragon is thick enough to resist the fangs of a striking King Cobra. The scenario put forward here is that it is a direct confrontation and since the skin of the Komodo Dragon is not impervious to the fangs of the King Cobra, in the description here, the Cobra successfully strikes.

 This is science writing at its best, the two antagonists are described very well, making the conclusion thoroughly reasonable and understandable. It is an excellent book of science setting the scenario and thoroughly justifying the conclusion. Great reading for the late years of elementary school.

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