Friday, August 23, 2019

Review of "Predator: Race War" comic, 1 of 4

Review of

Predator: Race War comic, 1 of 4

Five out of five stars

 There is at least one member of the species known as Predator active on earth. Like all others, it is a hunter, stalking, killing and dressing out humans that are capable of putting up a reasonable fight. Many humans have been its victims, there is a team of talented, dedicated and unusual humans that are aware of its existence and is attempting to track it down and stop the march of trophy deaths.

 This story is an excellent first installment of what is certain to be an engaging story. The search for the alien Predator is complicated by a known serial killer that claims to be responsible for the majority of the kills by the alien hunter. The claim is made to complicate the case for the prosecution of the serial killer, by claiming the additional victims, the goal is to get better treatment by the prosecution and in prison.

 Hunting such a skilled and resourceful hunter is a very difficult task, it takes a great deal of preparation and research. That foundation is laid down and I am eagerly searching for the subsequent three volumes of this engaging story.

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