Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Review of "Having a Baby is Fun! Cartoon and Baby Name Book," published by Crib Diaper Service

Review of

Having a Baby is Fun! Cartoon and Baby Name Book, published by Crib Diaper Service

Four out of five stars

 This pamphlet published by a diaper service in the days where only cloth diapers existed is an incredible look back. It contains a series of cartoons related to dealing with babies as well as lists of names for girl and boy babies. The many references to a stork delivering a baby will amuse and puzzle modern readers. Of all the absurdly quaint tales ever told, the one about a stork flying in carrying a swaddled infant in its beak has to be the most bizarre.

 In the modern world of disposable diapers, the concept of companies that dealt with cloth diapers, picking up the soiled and delivering the clean also seems to be a concept not to be missed. The alternative was a regular special session of laundry with particularly “dirty” clothes.

 This cartoon book is a somewhat amusing look back at what passed for baby humor in the fifties. To the modern eye, it was an odd way to look at dealing with newborns. I give it four stars in deference to the historical references.

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