Friday, August 16, 2019

Review of "MikWright … family Style"

Review of

MikWright … family Style, ISBN 9780740718779

Five out of five stars

 This collection of images and associated snippets of text will generate a minimum of chuckles in nearly everyone. There are a few jokes that contain sexual innuendo, but very few that reach the level of crude or obscene. At least to modern readers. To appreciate the joke, one must be able to comprehend the combination of text and sight gag.

 For example, there is the image of the man on a ski life with the caption, “when Emmett reached the peak, he got off.” There is another with woman on a statue of a bucking horse with the caption, “you should see the stud that bucked me Saturday night!”

This is one of those books you read through quickly for the first time, set it aside for some time and then read it again, often in snippets. It is a great toilet read when you need to get your mind off the immediate need to do some business.

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