Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Review of "Religulous," starring Bill Maher

Review of

Religulous, starring Bill Maher

Five out of five stars

 This video is Bill Maher at his best, being a hard skeptic concerning religious faith and asking very tough questions of some of the people that believe. While I am sure that he had to cherry pick a bit in finding people to interview, in some sense it was surprising that some of the people agreed to face Maher’s very tough questions. There are many times when the person he is interviewing seems to go into brain lock when Maher asks a question that points out a major logical or historical inconsistency of a religious faith.

 Maher travels to Israel and Rome in his filming of this video and recounts his own religious upbringing in the Catholic faith and Jewish roots. There are times when he angers the interviewee, one of the most interesting sessions is when he is talking with a small group of American men in what appears to be a trailer and one stomps out in anger. To their credit, the others stay and carry out a respectful conversation, even though they are frustrated with Maher.

 While many strongly claim otherwise, religion is a work of the human mind and emotions, you see both of them expressed in this video.

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