Monday, August 5, 2019

Review of "The Art of Minnie Mouse," Disney Editions

Review of

The Art of Minnie Mouse, Disney Editions ISBN 9781484767733

Five out of five stars

 The Minnie Mouse character was literally present at the creation of the more famous Mickey Mouse. His first cartoon was “Steamboat Willie” and Minnie was his love interest in that classic. Walt Disney himself was the voice of Minnie in this as well as other early Mickey/Minnie cartoons.

 Over the years, her wardrobe has dramatically changed, from the simple skirt to a more modern and complete wardrobe. She is often featured wearing makeup, particularly around the eyes. She is now a truly modern woman.

 This book is a textual and visual depiction of the evolution of the physical appearance of Minnie over the years. Following the general trend of the depiction of female characters in entertainment, Minnie has also developed a more assertive personality.

 This is a fun book to look at. While the wardrobe and other appearance changes are targeted at young female readers, it is enough of a history to be interesting to adult males as well.

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