Sunday, May 26, 2019

Review of "The Worst From Mad Super Special Number 53"

Review of

The Worst From Mad Super Special Number 53, Winter 1985

Four out of five stars

 I am sure that there are others that are entertained by reading humor published decades ago to discover how the world of humor has changed. When I say this, I am partially referring to the hard swearing that is so common in modern humor, where much of it has to be labeled “Adults only,” which is unfortunate. I consider a reliance on swearing to be funny to be a sign of unoriginality.

 The humor in this collection of items from Mad takes you to a world where humor is dry, stupid, yet often brilliant in the use of images in combination with incongruous sequences. The humor is sometimes crude, yet not in the vulgar sense, even for thirty years ago.

 This book is an existence proof that certain types of humor age well. With only tangential references to current political events, this material will still be funny many years in the future as long as you know the movies that are being spoofed.

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