Friday, May 31, 2019

Review of "The Squadron Supreme: Death of a Universe," by Mark Gruenwald et. al.

Review of

The Squadron Supreme: Death of a Universe, by Mark Gruenwald et. al. 

Four out of five stars

 This story starts strange and ends with an unexpected recovery from an Earth consuming disaster. It opens with of all things a gladiatorial contest between two semi-clad attractive females in front of Lord Scarlet in the year 3979. When it is over and Lord Scarlet pronounces his boredom, he consults with his scientists concerning the complete lack of historical knowledge regarding the last half of the twentieth century on Earth. The scientists have been able to record a major event, where it appears that a giant hand simply engulfed the Earth.

 This is only prologue as the storyline shifts back to a time shortly before the Earth is engulfed as the Squadron Supreme is informed of the dire circumstances forthcoming. To get to this point, we see one of the heroes breastfeeding her baby boy Benjamin, two of the heroes selectively targeting their powers to remove the swimsuit from the other and a fight between two other members of the squadron.

 With a little more than ten hours to go, the Squadron Supreme must find and equip a spaceship, travel to the giant hand and find a way to stop it. Hardly a simple task, but of course these are superheroes. Good and evil come together to fight a common foe and not totally successfully. However, there is an ending that is completely unexpected that saves the overall story, which is a bit complex with many personal interactions, not all of which add to the story.

 If it were not for the unexpected nature of the ending and the quality fade out of Lord Scarlet, this would have been a three-star story.

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