Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Review of "Daredevil and the Punisher," by Frank Miller and Klaus Janson

Review of

Daredevil and the Punisher, by Frank Miller and Klaus Janson ISBN 0871353512

Five out of five stars

 The Punisher is a character that appeals to all people that are concerned about crime in the streets as well as those that orchestrate it from their comfortable surroundings. He is the answer to the proverbial statement, “Somebody should do something.”  While Punisher will not injure an innocent, he thinks nothing of killing the criminals without trial or any other recourse. Daredevil Is also a vigilante, but he follows a form of due process and does not kill his foes as a normal component of his actions.

 Those two values and personalities clash in this gritty story about drugs, specifically Angel Dust. A crime kingpin known as Hogman controls the Angel Dust trade in the city and when a middle school child kills herself by jumping out a window while under the influence, the dual personality of Daredevil and attorney Matt Murdock gets involved. Hating the drug pushers, their murderous ruthlessness and what the drugs do to people, the Punisher starts cleaning up the streets by littering them with bodies.

 This is a tough story about how mean the streets can be when the power and influence of selling drugs is involved. It is a graphic novel with a message regarding drugs, how they can kill you and what they do to society.

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