Thursday, May 16, 2019

Review of "Sports Heroes and Legends Hank Aaron," by Serena Kappes

Review of

Sports Heroes and Legends Hank Aaron, by Serena Kappes ISBN 0760769044

Five out of five stars

 Now that Barry Bonds has eclipsed Hank Aaron’s record for career home runs, Aaron’s other hitting achievements seem to have devolved out of mind. Yet, Aaron is third all-time in the number of hits, had a higher career batting average than Bonds and drove in 300 more runs. He is arguably the best overall hitter of all time.

 This book was published thirty years after Aaron retired and is an excellent modern introduction to his life on and off the field. When he started playing professional baseball, segregation was still the norm in the south and Aaron was one of the first African American players in the Sally League while still a teenager. It was a hard life at the beginning, yet with the help of others, Aaron could focus on baseball and win the fans with his play on the field.

 A story about skills and perseverance, Aaron was present through much of the struggles for equality and civil rights on and off the playing field. He was a great player, arguably the best hitter of all time and this book makes that very clear to the young reader.

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