Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Review of "Emperor Doom: Marvel Graphic Novel," by David Micheline and Bob Hall

Review of

Emperor Doom: Marvel Graphic Novel, by David Micheline and Bob Hall ISBN 0871352567

Five out of five stars

 This graphic novel presents another side of the evil Dr. Doom, one that appears only when he has total control over the people of the Earth and is truly emperor of the planet. Using the psycho-seductive powers of the Purple Man, Doom is able to amplify and transmit the mind-controlling forces around the world. There are only a few with the will power to resist, so Doom must deal with them on an individual basis. Even the mighty Avengers and Namor are not immune to the persuasive forces.

 Fortunately, Power Man is engaged in an isolation experiment, so he has not been turned. He is able to serve as the spark of a rebellion against the power Doom has over the world. Yet, Doom’s influence is in many ways a positive thing, for all wars, bigotry and poverty are ended under his rule. Furthermore, Doom does not rule as a tyrant, but as a conscientious ruler, there is a caption where he is reminded that he must attend a meeting on farm subsidy revisions in Pruszkow.

 There is a great deal of moral ambiguity in this story, for the Avengers must make a choice for all of humanity, peace and prosperity under Doom or freedom and otherwise under a hodgepodge of human leaders. That is one of the many aspects that make this a great story.

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