Sunday, May 5, 2019

Review of "Betty Page Confidential," by Bunny Yeager

Review of

Betty Page Confidential, by Bunny Yeager ISBN 0312109407

Five out of five stars

 One of the most incredible statistics I have ever read is about Betty Page and is “As estimated half a million pictures were taken of her by almost every professional and amateur photographer in New York.” This was not over the course of a lifetime but done in less than a decade.  One universal comment about Page was that she was tireless in front of the camera, never losing that sexy glow, even after hours of being relentlessly photographed. She was a true professional that never lost her poise, even when naked or engaged in the production of media featuring bondage.

 She was truly the queen of the pinup, and this book describes her professional life, very little is known of what she did after she quit the model business. The photographer that worked with her most was Bunny Yeager and she took the photos in this book. From those images it is clear why Betty was so popular. Her body and skin were as perfect as it can get and her face and smile dazzle, even when she is holding a fishing rod. Her sensuality never wavers based on the amount of clothing she has on.

 Although Betty Page was a voluntary flame out in the area of fame, her legacy remains as one of the most beautiful women ever and one that was a true professional in front of the camera. Some of these photos had to have been taken after she spent hours on camera and yet she never seems to have wilted a bit.

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