Sunday, April 14, 2019

Review of "The Wright Brothers Coloring Book," illustrated by Richard King

Review of
The Wright Brothers Coloring Book, illustrated by Richard King ISBN 1882663772

Five out of five stars
 I am a fan of all ways in which people can be educated and that includes coloring books. As the title implies, the theme of this book is the early and tentative years of manned flight, starting with the unpowered gliders and dirigible-like machines. The images are not presented in temporal sequence, for example the 1903 Wright flyer appears before the 1852 Giffard’s dirigible.
 All of the images of the aerial craft are given in high detail, by selecting the right colors and drawing with care, the reader/colorer will be able to create highly accurate renditions of the flying machines. Adults will find the designs challenging to color and the explanations of the images will impart the essentials of the machines.
 It is amazing that it took less than seventy years from the first powered flight by the Wright Brothers until the first human landing on the moon. This book will allow you to follow that progression as you engage in artistic depictions.

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