Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Review of "Love Is All Around Iowa," by Wendi Silvano

Review of
Love Is All Around Iowa, by Wendi Silvano ISBN 9781492629245

Five out of five stars
 This brief story in rhyming prose with colorful and detailed illustrations will warm the heart of any child having it read to them as well as that of the reader. It is about people interacting with each other in many different scenarios, from romping in the park with a dog to a parent helping their child with their homework to playing music on a rooftop to a giant cheer in Kinnick Stadium.
 The color contrasts in the illustrations were very well selected, they will catch and hold the attention of the child having it read to them The text is structured so that in general alternating lines rhyme and the matching words and phrases are easy to understand. If I had encountered this book when my daughter was young, I would have read it to her and she would have loved it, no doubt asking me to read it to her over and over again. One point that some will like while others will not is that there is no mention of farming, the largest industry in Iowa.

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