Monday, April 8, 2019

Review of "Called to Adventure, Called to Service," by Father William J. Menster

Review of
Called to Adventure, Called to Service, by Father William J. Menster 

Four out of five stars
 There is no doubt that Father Menster led quite a life, from the small towns of Iowa to a lengthy deployment in the New Hebrides in the South Pacific during World War II, yet this autobiography is more a recitation of facts rather than a stirring account of his life of service. He grew up on the family farm in Cascade, Iowa, located in the northeast quadrant of the state. The population as recorded in the 2010 census was slightly over 2,000.
 Father Menster was very well traveled, even ministering to a group of ships engaged in the exploration of Antarctica and then on luxury cruise ships. Yet, he still served the people of the small towns in northeastern Iowa, never losing sight of his origins and the people of his hometown area.
 This is not a stirring rendition, it is an autobiography of a humble man that was very reluctant to embellish, even when he could. No one could spend 20 months living in a tent in the New Hebrides during World War II without something exciting happening.

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