Monday, April 15, 2019

Review of "The Amazing Spider-Man Collectible Series Volume 18"

Review of
The Amazing Spider-Man Collectible Series Volume 18

Three out of five stars
 This reproduction of stories first published in the early 1960s demonstrates an artwork where the faces are largely square, and the female hairstyles are round (there is a visual hint of hairspray.) It is also interesting to see the boys in high school wearing ties. The main story features the Human Torch and there is a battle between him and Spider-man that is largely based on young male egos that are in competition for attention. It is a silly fight, nothing more than a macho spitting contest, an unfortunate event when the two combatants are so powerful.
 This comic is a look back to when comic book heroes could be immature and competitive over minor things. The sophisticated reader would much rather have them saving the world by fighting Galactus or some other cosmic super-being.

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