Saturday, April 6, 2019

Review of "Marvel Fanfare 46 Fantastic Four" Comic

Review of
Marvel Fanfare 46 Fantastic Four Comic

Five out of five stars
 In this issue, the Fantastic Four demonstrate once again that they are simultaneously the most powerful and dysfunctional group(family) in the world of comics. The action takes place in the FF’s new headquarters after Reed Richards has installed and activated a new super security system. Ben and Johnny are fighting again as Ben tries to come to grips with the new reality of Johnny being married to Ben’s longtime girlfriend Alicia.
 The foe in this case is the Mad Thinker as he takes a new approach in his attack of the FF. It starts with a tale of woe and then escalates into a battle between the FF and their now compromised, computerized security system. Reed  openly expresses doubt in his abilities as a leader and there is additional questioning of their continued effectiveness as a group fighting the most powerful of evil adversaries. At the end they of course prevail, defeating the Mad Thinker once again and restoring their faith in each other as a team.
 The combination of external and internal adversaries makes this a quality story, their internal struggles helps emphasize the “human” section of the word “superhuman” that is used to describe them.

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