Thursday, April 4, 2019

Review of "Batman Dark Angel 1: The Fall"

Review of
Batman Dark Angel 1: The Fall

Four out of five stars
 Bruce Wayne has been seriously injured while battling Bane and is in a wheelchair while he recuperates. Jean Paul has taken over the Batman role and he is even more of a loner than the original. He is also more brutal in his dealings with his opponents and has frozen Robin and Nightwing out. Jean Paul has also created a new costume that is sleeker and much more deadly looking.
 The new Batman confronts Bane in a titanic struggle where Robin provides surreptitious assistance. When Batman does not succumb to his baser instincts when he is victorious, Robin breathes a sigh of relief and knows that Batman truly still lives in a different body.
 This is generally a dark story, as Jean Paul is a much more violent personality, subject to fits of rage and seems willing to be Machiavellian when battling the criminals. Yet, the forces of evil in the hero are beaten back along with Bane and the story concludes with good winning out over evil. Unlike the comics published under the old code, people die violent deaths in this one.

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