Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Review of "The Weather Man," DVD

Review of

The Weather Man, DVD

 Nicolas Cage plays Chicago television weatherman David Spritz, a man that has a great television personality, yet is generally a failure in life. He is divorced, yet has not come to grips with it, and his children are struggling. His relationship with them is forced and uncertain, when he is with them the atmosphere is awkward. Furthermore, every once in awhile when he is out on the street someone will throw food or drink at him.
 Initially, he just takes the abuse, standing there and adopting the “Here it is again” attitude. His father is played superbly by Michael Caine, he is a successful man in the last phase of his life, having been diagnosed with a terminal illness. Although intelligent, the Caine character is often puzzled by some of the phrases and events surrounding him, pop culture has in many ways passed him by. Despite some of Spritz’s major mistakes, his father never rises above the stern look and statement level of criticism.
 Despite all of his problems, Spritz is so good on the air that he is offered the opportunity to audition for a job in New York, doing the weather for the morning show on a major network. This would give him a relatively astronomical salary, but would take him away from his known environment as well as his children.
 As the movie progresses, the viewer is at times disgusted with Spritz and his incompetence and at times sympathetic, pulling for him to succeed. In a bit of an unusual twist, Spritz takes up archery as a hobby. It is a sport based on focus and concentration, something he needs to do if he is to overcome his many character weaknesses.
 The movie captures and retains your attention, in the modern world of movie prequels, sequels and remakes, it is an original. It is about real life, the good, bad and the occasional soft drink in the face.

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