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Contents of Volume 8, "Journal of Recreational Mathematics," 1975-76

Contents of Volume 8, Journal of Recreational Mathematics, 1975-76

Number 1

“Faro Shuffling and Card Placement,” by S. Brent Morris
“A Game of Permutations,” by S. S. Reddi
“Integrally Inscribed Regular Triangles and Hexagons,” by George Berzsenyi
“Icosahedron Construction,” by Henry Lulli
“The Quadratic Formula Streamlined,” by Bruce E. Bushman
“Mathematical Recreations as Seen on Postage Stamps,” by William L. Schaaf
“Beggar-My-Neighbor,” by Alan S. C. Ross
“The Maximum Number of Angels That Can Stand On the Head of a Pin – A Paradox Resolved,” by Myron Tepper
“Prime Divisors of Repunits,” by Samuel Yates
“There Is a Better Sequence,” Harry L. Nelson
Problems and Conjectures
Solutions to Problems, Conjectures and Alphametics
Index for Volume 7

Number 2

“Checking Out A One-Liner,” by Samuel Yates
“Some Dangers of Machine Calculation,” by Leon E. Winslow
“Reversible Multiples,” by C. A. Grimm and David W. Ballew
“Palindromic Figurate Numbers,” by David W. Ballew and Jane Vande Bossche
“Repdigit Triangular Numbers,” by David W. Ballew and Ronald C. Weger
“Cofactors of Repunits,” by Samuel Yates
“’Triangulizing’ a Set of Points,” by R. W. Gaskell and P. J. S. Watson
“Tiling with Incomparable Rectangles,” by Andrew C. C. Yao, Edward M. Reingold and Bill Sands
“Some Variants of Hex,” by Ronald Evans
“Biocatenated Primes,” by Charles W. Trigg
“Treat 1975 in an Orderly Fashion,” by Mary Sullivan, Joanne Costello and Margaret Kenney
“Pathological Solutions to a Popular Puzzle,” by David J. Piggins
“Clever Construction,” by Brian R. Barwell
“A Theorem on Palindromic Triangular Numbers,” by Harvey J. Hinden
Book Review
Problems and Conjectures
Solutions to Problems, Conjectures and Alphametics

Number 3

“On the Problem of Interchangeable Clock Hands,” by Thomas Szirtes
“Tower of Hanoi with More Pegs,” by Brother Alfred Brousseau
ABC Puzzles – Puzzle A
“Rotation of a String Figure,” by Ali Amir-Moéz and J. David Hamilton
“Classifying and Counting Hexaflexagrams,” by Thomas J. O’Reilly
“Colored Polyhedra,” by N. T. Gridgeman
“In Search of Colorations,” by George Berzsenyi
“One Giant Step for Mathematics,” by Hyman Gabai
“Four ‘Golden’ Prime Families,” by William Raymond Griffin
ABC Puzzles – Puzzle B
“A Generalization of the Golden Ratio,” by Anthony K. Whitford
“A Plane Strategy for 3-D Tic-Tac-Toe,” by David A. Sheppard
“Sylvester Primes,” by Samuel Yates
“Numeroddities,” by Clifford C. Corbet
ABC Puzzles – Puzzle C
“Ten Digits Used in a Multiplication,” by Herman Nijon
Book Reviews, edited by Charles W. Trigg
“Mathematics From Mars,” by Michael Keith
Problems and Conjectures
Computer Challenge Corner
Solution to “Mathematics From Mars” on page 226
Solutions to ABC Puzzles on pages 176, 202, 222

Number 4

“Fifth-Order Multi-Multigrades,” by Donald Cross
“Find the Next Sequence,” O. D. Anderson
“A Mental Perpetual Calendar,” by Michael Keith
“More Quick Multiplication,” by Harvey J. Hindin
“The General Solution in Positive Integers of the Equation a2 – ab + b2 = c2,” by Peter Heichelheim
“Short Cuts for Testing Divisibility,” by Charles F. Winans
“Formulating Polyhedral Nets,” by William Becker
“Polygonal Cycloids,” by Duane W. DeTemple and Michael L. Engquist
“9:8:7,” by Samuel Yates
“1776 – 1976,” by Mary M. Sullivan
“Perfect Magic Cubes of Order Seven,” by Bayard E. Wynne
“A Theorem on Palindromes,” by Harvey J. Hindin
Letters to the Editor
Book Reviews, edited by Charles W. Trigg
Computer Challenge Corner
Problems and Conjectures

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