Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Review of "Geeky Lego Crafts: 21 Fun and Quirky Projects," by David Scarfe

Review of

Geeky Lego Crafts: 21 Fun and Quirky Projects, by David Scarfe, No Starch Press, San Francisco, California, 2016. 128 pp. $19.95 (hardbound). ISBN 9781593277673.

 Five out of five stars
 The three-dimensional figures that you see in this book range from the nostalgic to those that fit into the holiday mood. My favorite was the set of three alien creatures from the classic “Space Invaders” video game. All 21 are made from Legos and the patterns are very detailed and easy to follow.
 The opening page of the design explanation has a brief section of explanatory text, pictures of the figure(s) and a list of the type and numbers of blocks needed to create each one of them. This is followed by a set of step-by-step visual instructions describing how the figures are created. Given the quality of the explanations for construction, none of the figures is very difficult to build.
 The projects in this book would be great for a Boy or Girl Scout project, an activity for school or just something constructive and recreational to do in your spare time. 

This book was made available for free for review purposes.

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