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Contents of Volume 6, Journal of Recreational Mathematics, 1973

Contents of Volume 6, Journal of Recreational Mathematics, 1973

Number 1

“The Triel: A New Solution,” by Donald F. Knuth
“Experimental Three-Square Geometry,” by Ali R. Amir-Moéz
“Domino and Superdomino Recreations – Part 6,” by Wade E. Philpott
“Products Using All Ten Digits in the Denary System,” by André Gouffé
“Flexicubes – Reversible Cubic Shapes,” by Jan Slothouber
“Graeco-Latin Cubes,” by P. D. Warrington
“Some Remarks on a Game With Graphs,” by J. M. S. Simőes-Pereira and Isabel Maria S. N. Zuzarte
“Parity and Centerness Applied to the SOMA Cube,” by Michael J. Whinihan and Charles W. Trigg
“1973 – A Truly Prime Year,” by Charles W. Trigg
“Sub-Factorial N,” by M. H. Greenblatt
Problems and Conjectures
“Near-Automorphic Numbers,” by J. A. H. Hunter
“Integer Oddities,” by J. A. H. Hunter
“Proof of Krishnamurthy’s Conjecture,” by Daniel Shanks
Index for Volume 5
  Joseph S. Madachy and Jan Slothouber

Number 2

“Make Up Your Own Card Tricks,” by Irving Adler
“Some Observations on Pierced Right Prisms,” by John K. Carrington
“The Persistence of a Number,” by N. J. A. Sloane
“Reversal Products,” by Jean Meeus
“Chess Problems and Higher Mathematics,” by Herbert E. Salzer
“A Pentomino Problem,” by Jean Mayer
“Primitive Number Words,” by Maxey Brooke
“Brick-Packing Puzzles,” by David A. Klarner
“Prime Chains and Loops,” by William Y. Lee
“The Arkin-Hoggatt Game and the Solution of a Classical Problem,” by Joseph Arkin and Verner E. Hoggatt, Jr.
“Diagonal-Extremity Sums in a Nine-Digit Square Array,” by Charles W. Trigg
“Some Identities for the Triangular Numbers,” by Terrel Trotter, Jr.
“Clever Constructions (and a Challenge from the Editor),” by David Bird
“The Think-A-Ma-Jig Puzzle,” by Richard L. Breisch
“Palindromic Triangular Numbers,” by Charles W. Trigg
“Book Reviews – Polyhedrons,” by Charles W. Trigg
Book Note
Letters to the Editor
Problems and Conjectures

Number 3

“Mathematics and Art: The Dragon Curve in Ceramic Tile,” by Donald and Jill Knuth
“A Potpourri of 1973 Curiosa,” by Charles W. Trigg
“Rooks Roaming Round Regular Rectangles,” by Edward N. Peters
“Alice’s Adventures in Numberland,” by James B. Haley Jr.
Sum of Factorials
“On ‘Prime’ Pythagorean Triples,” by Gilbert Goldstein
“Double Conmanship,” by W. W. Funkenbusch
“Palindromic Pentagonal Numerals,” by Charles W. Trigg
“Species of Third-Order Magic Squares and Cubes,” by John Robert Hendricks
“Magic Tessaracts and N-Dimensional Magic Hypercubes,” by John Robert Hendricks
“Additional Twin Prime Curiosities,” by Leslie E. Card
“Consecutive – Digit Primes (Round 3),” by Raphael Finkelstein and Judy Leybourn
“Platonic Sphericity,” by N. T. Gridgeman
“Constructions with Pentacubes – 2,” by N. R. Wagner
“Some Polyomino and Polyamond Problems,” by Jean Meeus
“Michael Stifel, the Mathematical Mystic,” by Maxey Brooke
“Sum Numbers,” by J. A. H. Hunter
“Coincidence Ratios of Versum Sequences,” by Charles W. Trigg
Alphametics, edited by J. A. H. Hunter
Problems and Conjectures, edited by David L. Silverman
Solutions to Problems and Conjectures
Late Solutions
  N. T. Gridgeman
  John Robert Hendricks
  Donald and Jill Knuth
  Joseph S. Madachy
  Jean Meeus
  Edward N. Peters
  N. R. Wagner

Number 4

“SIM on a Desk Calculator,” by John H. Naim and A. B. Sperry
“Interlaced Rings on Postage Stamps,” by William L. Schaaf
“How Should a Mathematician Prove the Pythagorean Theorem?” by V. C. Harris
“Tetracubes,” by Jean Meeus
“The Magic of 1973,” by Charles W. Trigg
“Magic Cubes of Odd Order,” by John Robert Hendricks
“Dots and Cubes,” by Everett V. Jackson
“Triangular Puzzle Pegs,” by Irvin Roy Hentzel
“The No-Touch Puzzle and Graphical Complementation,” by Frank Harary and Allen J. Schwenk
“An Unexpected Two-Dimensional Space-Group Containing Seven of the Twelve Basic Solutions to the Eight Queens Problem,” by David H. Hollander
“Covering the 11 × 11 Chessboard With Knights,” by Bernard Lemaire
“Multimixi,” by Douglas Engel
“How the Shona Count,” by Maxey Brooke
“Subtraction via L-Addition, With Special Application to Binary Arithmetic,” by Richard W. Shoemaker
“Loops of Two-Digit Primes,” by Charles W. Trigg
Late Solutions
Problems and Conjectures
Solutions to Problems and Conjectures
  Douglas Engel
  V. C. Harris
  Hewlett-Packard Company
  Joseph S. Madachy
  Jean Meeus
  William L. Schaaf

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