Monday, September 26, 2016

Review of "Mad’s Cradle to Grave Primer," by Larry Siegel and George Woodbridge

Review of

Mad’s Cradle to Grave Primer, by Larry Siegel and George Woodbridge ISBN 0446889067

Four out of five stars
 Unlike some of the other books printed under the Mad Magazine label, this one remains entertaining over time. For the topic is about time and how it changes us as we go through life. Using images on the left page and verse on the right page, the developers take the reader from the proverbial slap on the bottom when born to arriving at heaven.
 The main character is male and a loser through and through. Picked on by everyone, including the girls, in school and on the playground, he discovers that all through childhood, that is the only real female attention that he can acquire. ln typical Mad style, the book paints life as a series of miserable events with no joy or genuine success.
 If dark humor is something you enjoy, this book will spread some joy in your life.

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