Friday, September 16, 2016

Review of "Mad’s Spy vs Spy: Follow-Up File," by Prohias

Review of

Mad’s Spy vs Spy: Follow-Up File, by Prohias

Four out of five stars

 The tit-for-tat action/reaction of the Cold War has never been lampooned in a better way than in the “Spy vs Spy” continuing saga that appeared in “Mad Magazine.” Two otherwise identical individuals, one wearing black and the other white engage in deceptive machinations until one meets with am excessively violent end.
 Gadgets, bombs and other deadly instruments are used in the “games” played between these two protagonists. Every gag is a sight gag, for not a word is spoken. All of the information the reader needs to understand the actions must be via the images. Reading through this book, you are impressed at the creativity of the artists in their use of non-verbal communication skills.
 Much of the humor that appeared in “Mad Magazine” loses its impact over the years due to it being based on the events of the time of first appearance. That is not the case with “Spy vs. Spy,” that material is timeless.

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