Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Review of "The Universe and Dr. Einstein," by Lincoln Barnett

Review of
The Universe and Dr. Einstein, by Lincoln Barnett

Five out of five stars
 Explaining the view of the universe that was enunciated by Albert Einstein to a non-scientific audience is difficult, few people can do it well. The theories of relativity were so revolutionary when first stated that it has been said that when Arthur Stanley Eddington was told in 1919 that he was one of only three people in the world that understood the theory of general relativity his response was, “Who’s the third?”
 Even complex theories tend to become part of general knowledge over time and Barnett does a good job in explaining Einstein’s ideas to the general audience. In the modern world, the presence of any equation is considered to lead to a reduction in sales, yet Barnett does not shirk from using an equation when it is warranted.
 Although it was originally published in 1948, this is a science book that has worn well in the last seventy years. The theory of relativity has not significantly changed in that time and this explanation is solid and widely understandable.

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