Monday, February 19, 2018

Review of "Graeco-Persian Wars," by Konstantinos P. Kontorlis

Review of
Graeco-Persian Wars, by Konstantinos P. Kontorlis

Three out of five stars
 The author was Classics Master at the Varvakios School in Athens and that comes through in a strong pro-Greek bias in this book. This is demonstrated in the first sentence of the third paragraph of the book.
“The triumph of the small Greek world over the innumerable armies of the East was mainly due to the divine light of freedom which for the first time shone so brightly and which filled the hearts of the Greeks with an incomparable heroism.”
Similar statements are made at various points, somewhat overshadowing what was a victory that led to the rise of Greece to a dominant position in the Eastern Mediterranean. Of course, this statement ignores the fact that it is quite possible that there were more slaves in Greece at this time than there were free people.
 The battles that led to a decisive victory of the Greeks over the Persians are described in a manner that is accurate within the bias. Maps of the disposition of the forces of both sides are given, it is clearly stated that the locations are only probable rather than certain. It was a point where history could have turned, had the Greeks been defeated it is possible that the course of Western Civilization would have been very different.

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