Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Review of "Checkmate: The Heart is a Handout," Television Classics VHS format

Review of
Checkmate: The Heart is a Handout, Television Classics VHS format

Three out of five stars
 If you are unaware of the premise behind Checkmate Inc., you will find it difficult to understand the plot of this video. The company is an expensive private investigating agency that specializes in saving the lives of people that are being directly threatened. The company is operated by Don Corey (played by Anthony George) and Jed Sills (played by Doug McClure). Carl Hyatt (played by Sebastian Cabot), is an Oxford professor of criminology that provides expert consultative expertise.
 The person that they are protecting in this case is a man living in a vagrant camp, he is known as “Doc,” and to the extent that there can be a leader in such a group, he is it. Doc is the son of a very wealthy man that was corrupted by his financial power, so he gave up the good life to live one of peace.
 However, when his father is on his deathbed and asks for Doc, he complies. In a brief final conversation, they both atone for their estrangement and the father dies. When all the family members are gathered, it is revealed that the father changed his will to leave everything to Doc. He is stunned and suddenly his life is dramatically altered. How he deals with it as well as the actions of the Checkmate crew in protecting him make up the rest of the episode. There are some intense family dynamics that always seem to surface when a lot of money is involved.
 There is very little action along the lines of a detective story, no fights and only a little gunplay. The plot is not deep, and the dialog does not rivet your ears to the speakers.

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