Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Review of "Hidden Tales from Eastern Europe," edited by Shena Guild

Review of
Hidden Tales from Eastern Europe, edited by Shena Guild ISBN 978-0711219496

Five out of five stars
 These seven fairy tales are like those from central and western Europe. “The Twelve Months” features a pretty girl being mistreated by her stepmother and ugly half-sister until the spirits act kindly towards her and are unkind to her tormentors. “The Hundred Children” describes a clever man called Bukur that encounters a powerful dragon and must outwit him by pretending to be so powerful that the dragon prefers to perform the tasks required of Bukur. “The Shepherd King” is about a king and his daughter shipwrecked in another kingdom and forced to work hard as ordinary people until the proper time comes for them to reveal their true social station.
 The stories come from Slovakia, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia, Russia, Croatia and Romania, covering most of eastern Europe. While the themes will be familiar to readers of other fairy tales, the stories in this collection are original enough that reading them will still entertain you.

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