Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Review of "Tilli Turtle and the Sea Dragon," by Marcella Underwood

Review of
Tilli Turtle and the Sea Dragon, by Marcella Underwood

Five out of five stars
 This combination of fairy tale with images about a human girl/turtle named Tilli as she travels around the world is a creative act of genius. The story is constructed from snippets of rhyming verse that are good, written at the level of the late elementary or middle school child. What elevates the book to the higher levels is the illustrations, their extreme detail that will give the artist an essentially unlimited opportunity to color in the details.
 To do that, the artist will need colored pencils with very fine points, for some of the features are small with undulating borders. Even the steadiest of hands will find coloring within the lines challenging. This is a book that will provide hours of challenging and creative entertainment. It would also serve well as an adult coloring book.

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