Friday, February 16, 2018

Review of "The Eleanor Roosevelt Story," by Archibald MacLeish

Review of
The Eleanor Roosevelt Story, by Archibald MacLeish 

Five out of five stars
 Many women have taken the role of pioneers in bettering the personal and professional positions of women in the world. Despite her high level of name recognition, the achievements of Eleanor Roosevelt are still underappreciated. Before she became First Lady of the United States, the role was almost exclusively ceremonial, they were expected to fill only a supportive role of their husbands.
 Eleanor Roosevelt as a First Lady was an energetic activist, traveling the country, literally being unafraid to get her clothes and hands dirty. She also felt the wrath of the opposition press to a far greater extent than any other First Lady before or since. Eleanor Roosevelt filled the role of a First Lady at a time when women were expected to be subservient to men, when publicly stating a forceful opinion was taboo in the eyes of a clear majority of Americans.
 As the title implies, this book is primarily photographs of the life of Eleanor Roosevelt with some explanatory text included. Therefore, it can only be considered a primer on the life of a woman that did a great deal to change America. In that context, this is an excellent primer on the life of an extraordinary woman that championed the people that had little power or voice to change their circumstances.

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