Monday, February 12, 2018

Review of "Out to Win: A Baseball Story," by M. G. Bonner

Review of
Out to Win: A Baseball Story, by M. G. Bonner

Three out of five stars
 Unlike most books of adolescent sports fiction, this one has no major “moral of the story” theme. Clipper Bay is a modestly sized town and the story opens with the start of summer vacation and the beginning of the baseball season. Adopting the natural name of the Clippers, the boys have formed a team and are looking forward to playing their rivals from Timberville, called the Campers. They play many times during the season in a set of games where the champion is simply the team that wins the most games.
 The action is rather bland and routine, there are a few exciting moments, but no real points of high drama. Unlike many other books in this genre, there are girls other than mothers in this one. Not as girlfriends, they are solely playmates, friends that look and act differently and that don’t play baseball. The boys do a few things other than baseball, the one action that is a bit different from that in other books is that they pick blueberries for sale so that they will have money for bats.
 This is a nice easy read that often plods along at a slow pace. At no point will you stop and regress a bit out of concern that you missed something.

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