Sunday, May 1, 2022

Review of "Muddled Meanderings in an Outhouse Number 2," by Bob Ross

 Review of

Muddled Meanderings in an Outhouse Number 2, by Bob Ross

Five out of five stars

Ode to a once ubiquitous necessity

 When I was growing up, both of my grandparents had outhouses, and since I spent significant time there, I have all-season experiences in making the round trip. Using it was just what we did when we had to. In both cases, they were simple shanties, roughly the size of a closet.

 While most of them were of this type, there were others that were more elaborate, the ones I find most amusing are those that were two stories high. Such an arrangement seemed to serve no purpose as the saving of space would be minimal.

 Each of the entries is a combination of a short segment of verse with an image of an outhouse. Most of the poems are quite good, they are truly odes to what was once everywhere and now is almost nonexistent. While they are humorous, in some cases the reader will likely not appreciate the joke if they have not used an outhouse as they were intended.

 The last generation that can appreciate the humor of outhouse references will soon be gone. This book is a legacy of what once was and hopefully will never be again.


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