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Review of "Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year: 1992 Edition," edited by Charles Brooks

 Review of

Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year: 1992 Edition, edited by Charles Brooks ISBN 0882899104

Five out of five stars

Dated, but still relevant

 The best editorial cartoons are lessons in history, political and social commentary/satire and humorous. The entries in this collection are the best of the group for 1992, a year of tremendous change in the world, but especially in the former Soviet Union. A small group of reactionaries attempted to re-create at least a portion of the Soviet Union, only to fail miserably. While the people rose up against the military vehicles, it was the actions of Boris Yeltsin that led to the collapse of the coup attempt.

 One of the most interesting group of cartoons deals with the prelude to the American presidential election of 1992. The Democrats are depicted as weak and rudderless, yet Bill Clinton emerged as a powerful political figure, winning the maximum of two terms in the office. Since he won in November of 1992, this demonstrates how rapidly political fortunes of parties and individuals can rise and fall.

 To truly appreciate most of these cartoons, it is necessary to have some understanding of the events being referenced. If you possess a minimum of such knowledge, you will greatly enjoy this book.

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