Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Review of "If… (Questions for the Game of Life)," by Evelyn & James Saywell

 Review of

If… (Questions for the Game of Life), by Evelyn & James Saywell ISBN 9780679445357

Five out of five stars

Hard questions to consider

 Most of the questions that humans deal with on a daily basis are quite routine and don’t have major consequences. Those questions are not the content of this book. These questions are extremely difficult, based on unusual and at times what some would consider offensive premises. For example, on page 58 there is the question, “If you had to have one family member (besides your spouse) witness your next sexual act, who would you pick?”

 Therefore, almost nothing is off limits in this collection of “If…” questions. Designed to be provocative in putting forward questions for discussion and comment, the authors have succeeded in achieving their goal.

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