Monday, May 30, 2022

Review of "Atlas for Introduction to Military History, U. S. Air Force Academy Edition"

 Review of

Atlas for Introduction to Military History, U. S. Air Force Academy Edition, ISBN 9780757001697

Five out of five stars

 You can hear the professor’s voice when you read

 Open this book to any page and you can virtually hear the professor saying, “Now turn your atlas to page XXX, where you will see the map of the battle of XXX that took place in XXX in the year XXX.” If you are unfamiliar with the referenced battle, it will be difficult to interpret and understand the map. However, with additional information, the map is a superb synopsis of what forces were involved and how they moved.

 The first battle depicted is the Battle of Breitenfield in Northern Europe in 1631 and the last is the Allied assault against Iraq in the First Gulf War of 1991. Many symbols are used and until you become accustomed to them, several flips back to the opening table of symbols is necessary. Quite naturally, the largest number of pages used for an event to describe the European and Pacific theaters of World War II.

 Designed to be a supplement to detailed descriptions of some of the major and decisive battles of Western Civilization, this book is an excellent illustration of how the commanders executed the movements of their forces in both offense and defense.

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