Monday, May 23, 2022

Review of "The Medical Muse or What to Do Until the Patient Comes," by Richard Armour

 Review of

The Medical Muse or What to Do Until the Patient Comes, by Richard Armour

Four out of five stars

A whimsical, poetic look at the practice of medicine

While the practice of medicine is a serious endeavor, there is nothing wrong with being a bit light-hearted about it. Injecting humor into both sides of the patient-doctor equation will often improve the situation for both sides. This book is a collection of short items of verse that cover many aspects of the providing and receiving of medical care.

 The poems are light in nature, the darker consequences of medical care are avoided. Nearly all aspects, from the perspective of the patient, the doctor, the doctor’s spouse and even the salespeople that knock on the doctor’s door are the topic of the prose. While there are no major laughs generated by these poems, all bring a minimum of a knowing, wry smile.

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